Art of Design

When it comes to hair design, choose the best. At Capelli, we work on creating hair that looks, feels, and says 'fabulous'.

With over 23 years combined experience in advanced hair care techniques, you can rest assured that your hair is in the best possible hands (and creative minds!).

No matter what your hair type, there's always more than 'one option'. We can help you to understand the possibilities your hair type allows, and then work with you on how to get your hair to match your vision.

In a hurry? - enjoy our Deluxe Cut and Blow Dry.

Creative Colour

Colour is a critical feature of your hair. Whether it's Goth Black, Bubbly Blonde, Red, Brown or Grey - it's usually one of the first features people notice about you, and often the most remembered!

Even if you're thinking of stepping outside the traditional colour range, and aiming for striking pink, blue, or purple - then your colour choice will be making a statement.

Let Capelli help you make the right statement with expert advice, honest opinion, and the technical 'know how' to give your hair the colour that's 'YOU'.

Tempting Texture

We all know that everybody's hair is different. From flyaway fine hair, to difficult to manage thick crops - So why expect the same solutions for all hair?

Capelli clients know that they'll receive individual hair care advice that's specifically tailored for their hair. Not only that, but Capelli will help you control and change the texture of your hair with professional techniques and products from John Paul Mitchell Systems, arguably the world's leading hair care specialists.